web design

in this tech era, any company needs a web presence to be considered seriously.

We can create a custom design for your web site. It can be as simple as a one-page information site. Or a more complex database-driven system. Below are some of our web design services.

one page

If you just want something simple, a simple page displaying your logo or appropriate image with a some text information is one option.


For a slight more complexity, let us make your site as a simple site featuring some 5 to 8 pages of text and images.


If you want some control of the information updates to your site, the dynamic site works best. This would be built as a database-driven content management system. You would be able to update certain information on your site to keep your visitors up to date with what is new.


Whether you are selling one item or service or a multitude of products, we can equip your web site with e-commerce. You would be able to showcase your products as well as process credit card payments online.


For some animation and glitz, why not build the whole site with Flash or have some elements of Flash. Further, demos, special ads, etc can be built as Flash animations as well.

site maintenance

We can also help you with the ongoing maintenance and update of your currently existing web site.

email marketing

Tired of making a new look everytime you have to send a newsletter? Let us design newsletter templates that you can use time and again for updates to your email subscribers.

Do it yourself

If you would like to build your site yourself, but have little know how, refer to the Tools page.

Contact us at info@SabaDesigns.com or 647.833.0752 for further information.